Alaska has ended marijuana prohibition!


Ballot Measure 2 goes into effect!

For more information about Measure 2, check out this FAQ from the Alaska Department of Commerce.

Marijuana prohibition has failed.

Our current system of marijuana prohibition has been just as ineffective, wasteful, and problematic as alcohol prohibition.

It’s time for a more sensible approach.

On November 4, 2014, Alaskans voted to end decades of harmful and ineffective marijuana prohibition and replace it with a system in which marijuana is taxed and regulated like alcohol.

Why regulate marijuana like alcohol?

  • Put decision making back in the hands of Alaskans. Marijuana prohibition has failed, and it’s time for a more sensible approach that honors the ideals of personal freedom and liberty which unite us as Alaskans.
  • Bolster our economy by creating jobs and generating new revenue for Alaska. Marijuana sales will be conducted by legitimate, taxpaying businesses that test their products and require proof of age, instead of criminal enterprises in the underground market.
  • Allow law enforcement to focus on dangerous criminals. Responsible adults 21 and older should not be punished for simply choosing to use a substance that is objectively safer than alcohol. Police and prosecutors should spend their time addressing serious crimes.